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Ferrari Testarossa

A magnificent black Ferrari Testarossa, black leather interior, 22,245 km, Ferrari Classiche certificate, brand-new timing gears, 100% clean MOT test.

This Ferrari Testarossa, which was delivered new in Belgium, sets itself apart by a striking and relatively rare combination of colours, low mileage, a known and documented history, a Ferrari Classiche certificate and a full authentic luggage set, which makes it one of the most interesting examples on the market today.

Its black livery accentuates Leonardo Fioraventi's magnificent design, who at the time was still the chief designer of the design studio headed by Sergio Pininfarina.

Fitted with 12 horizontally opposed cylinders with 48 valves, delivering 390 hp for an engine displacement of 4943 cm³, the Ferrari Testarossa was the second fastest production car in the world after the Lamborghini Countach at the time.

However, its light aluminium bodywork, 2 meter wide wing-shaped engine cover and enormous lateral air intakes bear witness to Enzo Ferrari's genius. The Testarossa was his penultimate supercar before the F40, and although it has no driver assistance systems, he succeeded in giving it exceptional stability at high speed.

The vehicle shown has a complete authentic luggage set, which apart from the fact that this alone is worth the price of a mid-range car today, is an option which optimises capacity and allows 2 passengers to travel in remarkably comfortable conditions.

The timing gears were recently overhauled by one of France's most reputed Ferrari mechanics.

The service history shows that Francorchamps Motors Brussels performed a major service in January 2015, carrying out the previous timing belt replacement and associated operations for a total of €9,187 inclusive of VAT.

In October 2005, Francorchamps delivered parts for total value of €257.78 to the first owner. The lack of an entry for labour on this invoice is explained by the fact that the first owner, a major figure in the Belgium car industry, had the day-to-day maintenance performed in his own garage.

The Ferrari Classiche certificate was issued on the request of the car's last owner, several years before it was entrusted to us.

The car has travelled less than 1,000 km during the last five years, which bears witness to the attention given to the vehicle, whose service programme has been scrupulously respected.

The original steering wheel will be sold with the car.

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