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Ferrari 400i

Delivered new in France to the importer Charles Pozzi, this superb fuel-injection Ferrari 400 is fitted with a 3-speed "turbo hydramatic" gearbox, its original engine, as well as its service book, toolbox, user handbook and spare wheel. It also has a full ownership history. In 2015 the top engine, cooling and air conditioning circuits were rebuilt and then in 2017 the front and rear running gears, and the rims were completely overhauled. A complete new exhaust system was fitted in 2018.

All these works, costing in excess of €30,000, were performed by a highly-respected specialist, guaranteeing that its future owner can use this car for what it is : the most comfortable Ferrari in the make's history, capable of carrying 4 passengers, in 1982, powered by its 4823 cm3 alloy V12 engine producing 215 hp and 3000 rpm/mn at 130 km/h.

Although Leonardo Fioraventi, who created the Ferrari Dino, Daytona, Testarossa and F40, designed one of the most modern and elegant 2+2 coupés here, the 400 is above all a Ferrari which is designed to carry its passengers at more than 220 km/h, a remarkable performance for a car weighing 1700 kg. It is should also be noted that it is not by chance that the 400 was the first Ferrari in the make's history to have an automatic gearbox. The manual gearbox (an option) was combined with a monodisc clutch which was notoriously fragile and difficult to use in built-up areas.

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