Ferrari 330 GTO

Recreation - 600 000€

Car information

1964 (Donator)
3967 cm³
400 bhp

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Ferrari 330 GTO

Ferrari 330GTO Alain Garnier. Interest in the market for rebuilding the world's most prestigious collectors cars has been growing in the last 20 years thanks to people like Alain Garnier in France, Allegretti in Italy or Rod Tempero in New Zealand.

Alain Garnier could not overlook the Ferrari 330 GTO, one of the rarest developments (only three were built) of the 250 GTO, which Ferrari developed at the start of 1962 from the 250 GTO based on the Superamerica engine fitted with high compression pistons.

There was no question of working from a Mazda or a Datsun 240Z here.

The car which we are presenting to you was built in the 1980s by Alain Garnier, based on a Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 chassis and its original engine, which he entrusted, as was his habit to Philippe Billot, the founder of P3 Automobiles and one of the best engine tuners in Europe, who increased the engine's power to 400 bhp.

It has a hand beaten aluminium body, and side windows and a rear window in Plexiglas.

This rebuilt Ferrari 330 GTO, which was formerly owned by the French driver Philippe Cornet Epinat, qualifies for the FFSA's historic technical passport, so its new owner is eligible to race in historic car sports races, as a tribute perhaps to the team formed by Willy Mairesse and Mike Parkes who drove the first 330 GTO in history to 2nd place in the overall ranking (winner in GT) of the Nürburgring 1000 km in 1962.

However, this car, which has a French registration document, can also be driven on the roads, like the third and last of the 330 GTO to be built by Ferrari which were originally owned by the French industrialist Michel Paul-Cavallier, who at the time of SEFAC was the co-director of Ferrari alongside Enzo Ferrari himself.

The Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 from which this 330 GTO was built, was delivered new in France by the Franco-Britannic, the first exclusive French importer from 1958 and 1968 .

It is being sold with its French registration document and has recently undergone a complete overhaul. It is in perfect working order and can naturally take to the road, with its incredible sound, thanks to this rare versatility of the Gran Turismo Omologato.

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