Ferrari 250 GTE


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3967 cm³
340 bhp

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Ferrari 250 GTE

Ferrari 250 GTE unique exemplar. Not only are the bodywork, chassis, gearbox, rear axle, dashboard, upholstery, suspension, steering, and wheels all authentic in this example, but it is also fitted with the type 163 4L Superamerica engine which the Ferrari factory fitted in the Ferrari 250 GTE in October 1964 and which was Enzo Ferrari's personal car (chassis 1287 GT) until the company sold it to a French customer in July 1964.

The engine from this car was removed in October 1964 by Ferrari from the prototype n° 3105 of the Ferrari 330 GT 2+2, which went onto to replace the 250 GTE.

It is an exceptional feat of engineering with a cylinder which is almost 1000 cc larger (3967 cc compared to 2953cc for a 250 GTE ) and develops 100bhp more than the 250 GTE (340cc compared to 240) and more than 40 bhp than the engine which was developed from it (Tipo 209) for the 330 GT 2+2.

The bore stroke ratio changed to 77 : 71 mm with a twin coil ignition system, and the power being transmitted from the rear of the camshaft on each bank of the V.

The expert's report states the following "there is no doubt [that this engine] is authentic. The number 1287 is stamped on a machined rectangular part of the bottom right of the engine block. The graphics of these numbers correspond to those which Ferrari used from the second half of 1960. The previously stamped number 3105 which was removed by filing is still visible underneath. The reference 66 SA is stamped just underneath in the non-machined metal. The stamping of this figure is authentic and original (...) The number 1287 was therefore restamped by Ferrari when this engine was fitted into the 1287 GT chassis. This engine was probably restamped and fitted into the original chassis during the intervention in Modena".

After this change of engine, the 1287 GT was damaged in 1971, whilst it belonged to its second owner (if Enzo Ferrari himself is not taken into account) but the interest in its engine which remained intact (apart from its crankshaft and water-pump) justified it being refitted into an authentic 250 GTE which the previous owner had purchased exclusively for this purpose.

The owner also kept the chassis plate of the 1287 GT because of its historical interest, after it had been a personal vehicle of Enzo Ferrari. It is fairly unusual fora chassis plate to be subject of an expert's report but this is the case here " the stamping of this number is authentic and corresponds to the characteristics of the figures and letters used by Ferrari to stamp the chassis and engine plates up until the start of 1960 (around June July [note by Crystal Auction: 1287 was built and numbered on 2 May 1959]».

In order to faithfully respect the original presentation of the 1287, the air intake grilles were blocked on the front wings and vents opened in the rear quarter panels.

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