What we collectors and enthusiasts share is the love, beauty and transmission of an industrial heritage. As our knowledge improves, our tastes and projects change.

Julien Hay, a collector and enthusiast has drawn on his experience and extensive meetings over the last 30 years in Europe from people he has sold to and purchased from, to design Crystal Auction, an online auction website which guarantees more information before purchasing, whilst proving that the middleman's commission is the enemy of quality.

Anyone who has spent months trying to find the right model, the right year, in the right colour can only baulk at having to pay a quarter of the car's value to a middleman.

Florian Guyonnet and Pierre Hay, graduates from the Ecole de l’Innovation et de l’Expertise Informatique (EPITECH°), have designed and encoded a solution in the most innovative programming languages, which is equipped with a simple and elegant graphic interface. Crystal Auction therefore has a propriety tool which is the pledge of its independence and adaptability to the market's needs.

These cutting-edge tools have therefore made a collector's dream of reinventing the way of vehicles travel, not only on the world's roads, but between collectors, come true.

Founding team
Julien Hay
Co founder - CEO
Pierre Hay
Co founder - COO
Florian Guyonnet
Co founder - CTO

London (Head Office)

Carlyle House

235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road

London SW1V 1EJ

tel: +44 20 3514 8769

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